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Perspective Films is a media tech company at the intersection of marketing, entertainment, and education. We create exciting new ways to make meaningful connections with an audience searching for knowledge, authenticity and empathy. We are experienced filmmakers and pioneers in the XR space developing content people actual consume for social-channels, LBE's, and immersive technologies.

We have over 23+ years capturing documentaries, commercials, and behind the scenes content on many of the movies, TV shows you love to watch. Plus over a decade creating original VR/360˚ content.

We developed our own custom VR/360˚ and film production equipment to give clients the best in performance while utilizing the latest technology. Our headquarters is based in one of the top Metaverse and filmmaking hubs in the world, Vancouver Canada.



We're about utilizing technology for stronger human connection

We prioritize the human experience above all else, crafting experiences, stories, and consumer-led ideas and plans that resonate on a deeper level. We understand the most effective way to drive relevance and growth is by connecting with audiences in a personalized, meaningful way.


We're here to tell dynamic, interactive, and immersive stories

We're relentlessly focused on driving results for brands and studios. We pride ourselves as cross-media thinkers who understand the importance of delivering a message that resonates natively on the platform it's distributed on. Our primary goal is to ensure that the story we're telling is conveyed in a way that connects, engages, and impacts.


Cutting edge production tools and vast experience

As hybrid content creators, our goal is to create content that people actually watch. We take big ideas and make them them real.


BTS / EPK Production

VR/360˚ Production

Podcast Production

Course Production

Heli Camera Darts

Streaming Wearable 360˚

Extended Timelapse

Motion Control

Various Drones



We've worked on 600+ projects! Capturing promotional behind the scenes content for movies and TV shows you know and love. Crew members on docs, reality shows, and commercials for studios and brands around the world.

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Since 2013, we have worked on innovative, first of it's kind, immersive VR/360˚ content using our custom 360˚ cameras.

Descendants VR/360˚

Riverdale VR/360˚

Make A Wish VR/360˚

Mercedes-Benz VR/360˚

Canucks VR/360˚

BC Lions VR/360˚

VR Wonders Of The World

Facebook Watch VR/360˚





1193 Grant Street, Vancouver, BC

Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved


Copyright 2023 All Rights Reserved