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DISNEY: Descendants 2 BTS

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DISNEY: Descendants 2 BTS

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Canucks 2016 VR/360 EXP


Perspective Films is a full service live action 360˚immersive virtual reality studio & laboratory based in Vancouver, Canada. Chris Bedyk is the CEO and founder with over 18 years experience in the TV and Film industry. He has worked on projects with most of the major studios such as Disney, CW, Netflix, Warner Brothers.  Back in 2013, he discovered immersive technology and has spent over 5000 hours developing 360˚camera rigs and production equipment. Perspective Films was the first immersive media company in Vancouver. Chris developed the first moving motion controlled time lapse rig and used it to capture his award winning series, VR Wonders of the World which was featured in the launch of the Idealens headset in Beijing and Tokyo.

Our extremely passionate and hardworking team is dedicated to pushing the creative boundaries for the benefit our clients and ultimately our planet.


AR/VR Association     Iatse 669 Cinematographer Guild