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Perspective Films is a full service live action Virtual Reality production agency & laboratory based in Vancouver, Canada, specialized in creating high-end 360˚videos for online, smart devices, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Idealens.

Our creative, production and laboratory teams have been pushing the limits of camera technologies, innovative production tools, and 360˚storytelling techniques that results in revolutionary images and immersive experiences. We are the first to create a motion control 360˚ time-lapse camera which was used it during the production of VR Wonders of the World.

Perspective Films works closely with professionals from the advertising, tourism, entertainment, educational and medical industries creating commercials, documentaries, music videos, sports experiences, brand activations, training videos, science studies and much more.

Our extremely passionate and hardworking team is dedicated to pushing the creative boundaries for the benefit our clients and ultimately our planet.

Our Work

The Canucks VR 360˚ Experience was a collaboration between Perspective Films and the Vancouver Canucks, to create their first ever virtual reality experience.

VR Wonders of the World is a 360˚virtual reality series that enables the viewer to travel the globe experiencing amazing cities, breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures and even outer space. Experience your bucket list in an immersive way.

Our Clients

Vancouver Canucks
NHL hockey team
Virtual Reality
Headset manufacture
Promotional content
TV & Film Industry
Promotional content
Construction Industry

What we do


VR is a new technology on its way to becoming the next mainstream platform. Since 2013, Perspective Films has been pioneering virtual reality cameras, production gear, and  story-telling techniques. Being at the forefront, we are able to offer our clients premium advice for their brand, company, and project.


Our laboratory has built numerous high-end virtual reality 360˚video cameras, motion control time-lapse and stop motion capture camera rigs. We are also able to capture our world underwater, in the skies and 100,000 kms into space. 

Our team consists of experienced and accomplished Cinematographers, Directors and Producers who are passionate and innovative story tellers.

Post Production

Our exemplary team of experienced stitchers, editors, visual effects artists and audio engineers have the knowledge and skill to create, manipulate and enhance the story and purpose of any virtual reality production. The mission is to always to offer the best quality as possible while evolving and pushing the boundaries of this new medium.


VR is everywhere, on the internet, smart devices, and VR headsets. We work with the top app designers, distribution platforms and analytic consultants to make sure you are getting the results you require for your business, brand or project.

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