Virtual Reality for all your tourism needs

In today’s virtual age, we believe this immersive video technology can connect travellers on a deeper empathetic level with the world around them. When it comes to tourism, imagine what could become accessible online. 

One of the first corporations to use virtual reality to promote tourism was Destination BC, showcasing the Great Bear Rainforest with their video The Wild Within. It allowed viewers to hike, boat and ride through several of the province’s national parks.

In 2014, the Marriott debuted two teleporters, transporting it’s hotel-goers from cold New York City to the warm beaches in Maui. It also featured “4-D elements”: pneumatic pumps embedded in the floor, misting nozzles in the walls, and heater blowers in the ceiling. All to deepen the immersive experience. For example, when you land on the beach, the pumps in the floor create the feeling of a cushioned landing, and you feel 80-degree warmth, a sea breeze, and ocean mist.

Virtual reality gives travel and media partners a chance to experience your destination in a new and unique way that has not been possible before.