The story is about a journey through someones warped and manipulated memory using 360˚ video technology.

The goal of this project was to be as innovative as possible using technology and actors to tell a story through an incredibly powerful perspective. This required 4 SLR cameras synched up to a motion control device that was built on top of a 4 wheeled machine. I wanted to create a 360˚ video project that used camera movement as a purposeful enhancement in telling a story about a journey through someones warped and manipulated memory. I really wanted to push the technical limits of what can be done by combining various capturing technologies such as stop motion, Multi / lapse and virtual reality. By using the stop motion method I would move and animate the set decoration and the actors accordingly to tell the story. With the moon being out on the night I recorded the images I could not use the stop motion option as the timing between images need to be precise overtime. If it was not, this would result in the moon traveling across the sky in a jerky fashion. So pay attention as it rises smoothly over a mountain and travels across the beautiful night sky.

360 Navigation