“In Motion” is a project I started almost two years ago. At the time, I really wanted to create a time lapse that had a visual perspective that was unlike anything I had seen before. Since I am a big fan of the long exposure look and moving time lapse I thought it would be an interesting idea to put them together. Kinda like peanut butter with chocolate. In addition to this I wanted the camera to have the ability to travel in an unrestricted fashion over great distances in an urban environment. My hope was that if all of this was successfully happening at the same time it would achieve a moving visual perspective with a surreal time altered experience. So I spent 100’s of hours creating and building a remote control time lapse car that could travel at extraordinary slow speeds over unlimited distances. Fortunately, my Dad is a retired welder and fabricator so he was able to help make all of this a reality. I experimented with a few prototypes but it was not until my third rig that I was able to capture some acceptable footage for a night time shoot. Though there are few technical imperfections in this short film it turned out relatively close to what I originally envisioned. I am currently working on the fourth and hopefully my last prototype. This short film was shoot over a period of three nights at the end of August, 2012.